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H3C Chassis Core Layer Switches

H3C S7500X-G Chassis Switch Series

Series Part Numbers
  • H3C S7510X-G, S7506X-G, S7503X-G

H3C S7500X-G series is a family of high-end multiservice routing switches intended for mul

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tiservice networks. It runs an operating system that boasts virtualization technologies such as Intelligent Resilient Framework 2 (IRF 2) and is fully compatible with 40G/100G Ethernet standards.

H3C S9850 Chassis Core Layer Series

Series Part Numbers
  • S9850-4C

H3C S9850 high-density intelligent series switches is developed for data centers and cloud

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computing networks. It provides powerful hardware forwarding capacity and abundant data center features. It provides up to 32*100G ports and 2 out-of-band management ports (one fiber port and one copper port).