Hospitality Network Solutions

Hospitality Network Solutions

By undergoing a digital transformation, and by selecting and integrating the right technology, hotels can create unique, personalized guest experiences while creating a clear differentiator from other properties. This means increased revenue from improved guest satisfaction, increased service purchases, and return bookings. Hotels unable to rise to industry challenges will find it impossible to meet or exceed guest expectations. The lack of technology will likely impact every aspect of the hotel from the guest experience to the operations.

Priorities for Hotels Networks

  • Design the hotel operations and processes to fully integrate technology throughout the entire experience for both employees and guests.
  • Allow guests to continue their typical online activities, such as streaming movies, participating in a video conference call for work, or uploading vacation photos to social media.
  • Provide a personalized experience for guests with data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to anticipate their needs, such as setting a preferred room temperature before they enter the room.
  • Increase operational efficiency through staff communication and collaboration, such as housekeeping increasing room turnover by using a mobile device app to signal that a room is ready.

Some of key elements of an agile and future-proof hotels network MISR2000 can provided:

  • Guest room upgraded with IoT technology
  • High Speed bandwidth Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi
  • Employee and guest mobility
  • Fast and reliable network equipment
  • Guest personalized service
  • Aging hotel infrastructure
  • Overall security.