Education Network Solutions

Education Network Solutions

The drivers, key initiatives and requirements of the education environment are evolving beyond the traditional enterprise network. The network architecture for educational environments must be built on a technical foundation that takes into consideration the current economic environment as well as other business factors impacting the education market as a whole.

Priorities for Education Networks

  • Allow many services to operate seamlessly over a common infrastructure.
  • Embed service recognition, awareness, and differentiation into all components.
  • Support different voice, video, and data services while ensuring availability, scalability, and security.
  • Adapt to network technical innovations that allow for better resiliency and the implementation of new network services.
  • Integrate these new services and technical innovations with existing network equipment, protocols, and methods of communication.

Some of key elements of an agile and future-proof educational network MISR2000 can provided:

  • Unstoppable Network Access
  • Fast and reliable access to university/school social media
  • High-Speed bandwidth Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi
  • Teachers and Student mobility
  • Easy VPN remote access for Teachers/Students
  • Digital Video Security
  • Easy Network Management
  • Overall Security