Health Care Network Solutions

Health Care Network Solutions

The technology side of the business is seeing just as much change. A modern hospital room has, on average, 15 networked devices that monitor a patient’s condition and deliver medication or other forms of care. Health records have gone digital, and so care providers need continuous mobile devices access to the network to access these records and other relevant information. What’s more, many services are offered remotely over the network, including telemedicine and ambulatory care.


Priorities for Healthcare Networks

•    Facilitate access to information and resources.
•    Provide secure network access to care providers and staff.
•    Provide guest internet access to patients and family members.
•    Protect confidential patient data from unauthorized access.
•    Be ready for emerging business applications.
•    Support and optimize multi-site WAN connections.
•    Be easy to configure, manage, and troubleshoot, minimizing costly administration and downtime.
•    Support centralized management for remote sites without IT resources.
•    Provide automatic recovery from equipment or link failure as well as from involuntary loop.

Some of the key elements of an agile and future-proof healthcare network MISR2000 can provide:

1.    Unstoppable Network Access
2.    High-Speed bandwidth Wi-Fi
3.    Self-Defending Network
4.    Reliable and Easy WAN Management
5.    Easy VPN access for remote doctors
6.    Digital Video Security
7.     Easy Network Management
8.    Overall Security