Government Network Solutions

Government Network Solutions

Network government is the transition to a more transparent, cooperative and beneficial relationship between government, citizens and business as a result of technological integration and organisational connectivity. The growing use of the internet led many governments to recognise its potential to broaden and deepen their relationship with citizens, businesses and other key external stakeholders by implementing the concept of e-government.

Priorities for Governmental Networks

  • Personalized and improved usability of online service interaction and delivery
  • Integrated government services into private technological platforms
  • Support and optimize multi-site WAN connections
  • Developed common ICT infrastructure and assimilated multiple service channels into a seamless flow of information
  • Enabled multi-channel feedback loops and service delivery to ensure universal access and participation
  • Electronically display information in the public domain and share information between government departments.
  • Update legal and regulatory frameworks to enable greater transactional capabilities.

Some of the key elements of an agile and future-proof governmental network MISR2000 can provide:

  • Fully redundant Network devices
  • Self-Defending Network
  • Well design of Data Centre and disaster recovery
  • Internal Security including Intrusion Prevention System
  • Well design of WAN infrastructure Ring and VRRP
  • External Security including Intrusion Prevention System
  • DMZ Security for Portal Application platform
  • Digital Video Security
  • Easy Network Management